{pretty, happy, funny, real} Co-Sleeping Blankie!!, bellies and prayerfully pondering Homeschooling.




I did it!  I finally finished my co-sleeping blanket for our newest addition.  Phew.  That only took over a year and a half.  This fabric has been waiting patiently in my closet along with my sweet sewing machine since forever.  I got enough contractions the other day to realize that I better get on the cutting, sewing, finishing ball before baby actually gets here and I no longer have use of all my faculties for a while, including both hands.

I’m a huge fan of the co-sleep situation when baby arrives, and always always fight with my blankets, and thought, hey, I should make one that it cut out just for baby and me.  Voila.  It’s not at all perfect 1st trial, but I want to make more and practice practice and make some for Anyone who wants one!  Give me a shout if you are interested.  Next one I think will be the soft muslin layered version for cooler days in the Anais + Aden style.

My silly models modeling blankie for me.

My silly models modeling blankie for me.


We were able to get some pre-baby fun pics in.  Despite my embarrassment of showing belly, I’m mustering the courage to put these here.

bw belly



Even tho this is posed, they do this all the time so I didn’t feel bad asking them to come kiss baby #3rd belly. They love little brother already.



It’s a miracle! We remembered to take a photo of our whole family! Go us.



Where did my feet go!?! Sigh.

{real} in 3 Parts.

Part 1:A couple of things:  Baby prep ain’t no joke.  Going thru boy stuff from 4 years ago, washing, organizing, figuring out where to put all things baby is just taking up all my brian space, and sleep.  Wowzah.


Bum wash and re-usable cloths for said bum! what an awesome, free, chemical wonder of the parenthood world. Thanks to Team Whitaker for this gem of an idea.


The closet clean-out. Yikes! But it’s done. Phew.


Got all boy/girl clothes organized to sell/use, whatever. Done.

Part 2:  Now on a serious and sad really {real} note:  Our son’s St. Anthony’s Catholic School is closing at the end of this school year.


The cat’s outta the bag so I’m free to talk about it here.  We had a parent meeting this week with our pastor Fr. Robert Wedow who had the great misfortune to announce that he must close the school.  This school is in a very rural area that has been struggling for a long time and even raised over 1 million dollars to keep it open just over 2 years ago- in this community- that was nothing short of a miracle.  We may very well not be here next year, but St. Anthony’s is a beacon of education and will be sorely missed in this small community.  I guess there are a lot of people who are very angry.  Personally, I just feel loss and sadness that this amazing place in the middle of the plains of Colorado will be closing it’s doors after almost 100 years of growing kids in faith and education.  Father Wedow is open to options, but in all seriousness, the budgetary needs far far exceed what is at all reasonable to keep the school open after this school year.

We’re so happy that our son has been able to benefit from the great pre-school here last year and this one.  He loves his school and we do too.  St. Anthony, Pray for us!

This brings me to Part 3 of {real} this week:

Prayerful contemplation of homeschooling.  

Where do I even start?- was my first thought when we heard the news that there was a parent meeting.  Luckily, that very night, as the Holy Spirit would have it, a lovely friend Dianna of The Kennedy Adventures – an Amazing family- homeschooling- Catholic resource blog- posted this wonderful article from Catholic Sistas on homeschooling: 


“”If God leads you to it, He will lead you through it. I had MANY of those same doubts. I read lots of homeschool and Catholic homeschool books looking for those who had conquered the obstacles I perceived and that combined with prayer fortified me. Am I perfect at it? No, no one is…no education is perfect. Let God work on your fears, it sounds like He IS working on your heart.”

Needless to say, this quote spoke right to my heart, my place, my worry, my doubt, my hope that our children will have the very best education for their individuality and ability to be life-long learners.

There are so many things to think about and now I can begin the prayer, reading and research that I thought I was done with in regard to homeschooling.

So my husband and I embark on the very real notion that we could have a homeschooling home come next fall.  If you have any moment, please pray for us.  We need all the help we can get.

~~~That’s it from casa Falls this week.  That’s quite enough I think. I pray you all are well.

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The {phfr} spring edition.

Hey y’all!  I’m in a pretty good mood for having been with kids AAAAAAAlllll week.  Phew.

So here’s some of our week’s fun in photos and short on words cuz my brain is kinda fried now.



I finally remembered to save some of the beautiful flowers my husband gave me.  They remind me that I am married to the man who loves me.  This counts for happy too, but I’ll put in another fun shot for that.



We are actually in our house for the beginning of spring!  And it looks like we’ll be here likely thru the birth of baby 3rd. So we got to planting all the fun flowers it was too late for last season.  This may not look like much yet, but it was a giant celebration and feat for this mama.  We planted garlic for the first time, Clare Bear got to be planting assistant for the first time, we got all dirty in celebration for spring And got wildflowers and poppies sifted in there too.  Tho- the mulched grass did cause a hellatious 2 day long allergy attack.  So I got that going for me too.



“Ah dun.”

Okay, this was a little while ago, but I just couldn’t resist the hilarity.  Will she demand I take this picture off the interwebz when she is 16? Likely.  But pottytraining, you just gotta laugh at it sometimes, right?



Our poor guy had the misfortune to get the Worst bout of stomach flu or bug or food poisoning the very first night husband was out of town.  At 11pm.  Miraculously thru all the barfing, tears and sleeping in mama’s bed, little Miss didn’t wake at all.  Amazing. Thank you Gaurdian Angels for that sweet gift. This is what he looked like on virtually sips of water and 2 hours of sleep the next day.  Thankfully it was all gone at 3am and bonus was I got his room Totally spring cleaned, re-arranged and organized.

-that was our week pretty much.  Thank goodness I have help and a love in my husband and Jesus to lean on when tymz is hard.

Peace  and have a lovely Palm Sunday friends.  It’s like one of my favorite days in the year.  And I can’t help but think of that dance scene in Superstar.  How I love that movie.  I think we’ll have a viewing this coming week.

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pretty, happy, funny, real #1



Super Tangy Sourdough in slow rise process.  Thanks to my new bff Peter Reinhart, I added a bit more salt and kneaded a little less this go around.  Fingies crossed!



It finally arrived! After a few months of doing my own, albeit messy envelope system, I have graduated to the  Dave Ramsey’s envelope folder.  Gorgeous, nifty and useful. Yay for financial peace!



So, I just saw Cari’s Theme Thursday linkup, BARNS.

And, do you know I live within a stone’s throw of a zillion barns and haven’t taken ANY pictures?  I was just thinking this the other day on a sanity drive I took me and kids on.  They slept, I drove.  Bliss.  So this is my attempt at a non-linkup and not plagiarizing.  Pas mal?



This is what happens the moment I even think blog post.  Uh huh.  Every time.  Gotta love toddler disgruntlement.

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