Sum sum Summah pics and Randomness. Porque Sipo.

So, that’s about the size of things right now.  I feel like I have perma- Slurpee brain freeze.  Pregnancy man.  It Ain’t for wimps.

Between finding out we didn’t get the job – OH Praise Sweet Baby Jesus !- for that miracle, baby prep, school starting for preschooler, August being the craziest month on planet Earth somehow and generally being el Preggo, dude; this mama is ti-red.

Here’s some cute pics to tide us over tho:


I do love me a belly tattoo.


Cool enough to make stuff outside. Yay!


Headed to Grandma’s!0830141643d 0830141644a

Need I say anything here?  Okay, Roll Tide!


‘lil one turns 2!  She’s in girlie heaven here.


ALS Ice Bucket challenge happened.  I wussed out.



Holy Tiny head, Giant 34? week foreshortened belly Batman!


At least I got One WIWS pregnancy shot in with baby 3rd


Our happy guy being his happy cute self.  We love you Blaise.  Love.

There’s totally more but it’s seriously bedtime up in here and I’m all short on patience these days.

These kids are saints in the making for having me as a preggo mom, I’ll tell you what.

Fast trying to get our baby prep on.  And- gulp, gasp, I think I’m going to try the cloth diapering.  I’m terrified, but it seems so economical and I just love that we won’t be filling a landfill with disposables.

If you got a prayer to spare, please pray little guy doesn’t make an appearance until wk. 38.

OH, and, I LOVED this idea from my friends Kathryn and Dwija– so-  I’m totally going to be collecting prayer intentions to get me thru

-hopefully- natural birth this time around.  Please leave your intentions here if you would like some said.

Thanks for stopping by y’all!


7 QT all over the pliz-ace.



The snow just got here and I’m over it already.  Maybe it’s the end of January tired of winter, stuck at home with lilluns whining, but, seriously, I just want my 85 and sunny back, stat.  The Dowager says “Can’t Anyone do something about this weather?”



My first real go at silicone molds. So cute, and soo smelly, like, had to toss them because I didn’t wash well enough before baking and I don’t want kiddos eating silicone.  Not so yum.  #bakerfail for sure.  Not a total failure cuz I put some in a regular old pan.


3.  IMG_4582


Sourdough can really be a pain in the arse.  I was up late with this dang dough and it’s still proofing, not sure if it’s going to be edible. Wish me luck.  My son says “Oh no! That bread is Stih-ie bread, Mommy.”  yes, yes it is. {you will be super happy to find out that it turned out tangy and yummy despite my best efforts to ruin it.


On a serious note, my husband’s uncle was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig disease in May of last year. He is now in a wheelchair and seeing him in this state just breaks my heart and brought me to tears this morning. I cannot pretend to know God’s plan here, if you would, please say a prayer for this amazing man and #1 Alabama Fan.



I am super grateful today for this little person. ^                   And this one too >>>





The blahbityblah blah Latin numbered Superbowl is upon us! Are you watching? Who are you rooting for? Are you looking forward to or dreading the ads? It’s all #BroncosNation up in here.  Tho- I really need some team colors to prove it.  I really have come to love and adore Peyton’s team.  They are gut wrenching and inspiring.  Amen. Go Broncos!


Day’s almost done.  I think we’re going to go try to make a snowman.  Maybe enjoy the snow a bit with kiddos.  Or, just go to the PlayPlace cuz I gotta get outta this house.

Have a great weekend friends and hope you all stop by Jen’s lovely site for more QT fun.


7 QT: On Slow Rise and making Sourdough when life gives you lemons.

Welcome to my Freezing Friday -cooped up with cabin feverish kiddos- 7QT!

a. First, a big thank you to Jen for dragging yourself out from beneath covers to be our gracious and -hopefully better hostess!

1. I’ve discovered that my “maker” includes “baker”.  Phew.  Glad I got that out. My art grad school self is trying hard not to be disgusted with my newfound love of BREAD self.  It’s seriously all the cool stuff my sculptor self loves: art, science, experimentation, whimsy, love and even theology.  More and more and more bread to come your way, maybe even to some doorsteps soon. to be continued…

so, here’s this item of deliciousness that my dear husband helped me knead for days it seemed to get even Some bubbles: Behold, Extra Sour Sourdough Bread from the oven of SpicyCatholic! Who needs culinary school anyway?


2. Then, my sweet friend Amanda sent me this awesome Ted Talks vid, and it’s awesome, if you love BREAD and theology, it’s worth the 15 minutes. 

I only heard of this guy, he’s a big deal in the bread maker world – Peter Reinhart- and I haven’t done much research on him, but me thinks he’s a Catholic, and at least a Communion receiving Christian.

3.   Superbowl!!! It’s Denver and Seattle, and I am so very excited, so much in our win over the Patriots that I’m sharing silly Broncos cupcake cutie maxin’ in the glow of victory with a blue mouth.


       I wanted to plan a big feast and stuff, but sadly it falls on husband’s AF Reserves UTA, so, yeah, not feasting, more like praying/ mitigating survival of sanity.  The show must go on.

4.  I feel down and out when I’m not making, baking, writing or doing something that makes my heart happy, and weird as it may be, I have fallen for bread.  Glad I got the chance to check in today with all y’all linkup amigos.

5.  Congratulations to all y’all awesome bloggers nominated for Sheenazing Awards.  You all deserve awards and martinis!  Really really good martinis.  Headed over to vote myself very very soon.

6.  Can I just get an AMEN for Child Lock on the Tablet!?  We do the kindle version and boy were we paying for stuff before they put That baby in there.

7. A big big hair change is coming up.  Dun dun dun!  I really hope it goes well, or else next week’s 7QT may be a little tears in my martini kinda post.

7.a. Downton: that’s another post I haven’t gotten to

7.b.  Sherlock: ditto, but don’t fret, I’ll get on it soon.

Hope you all have a dandy weekend and are out of the cold wherever you are.

Dr. football , Or how I stopped worrying and learned to love the game.

Captive Siberian tigers play-fighting

When I was a youngin I didn’t really care for all the screaming and yelling that went on with Bronco Sunday.  We weren’t Christians, as a family, and really, our religion, if there was one, was football.  So I kinda had a mad on for football for a long, Long time.  I even went to Ohio State , where in Columbus if you are not a football fan you may as well just Move.   Now that I’m not there (thanks be to God) I can appreciate the culture, from afar, a very very far.  Never was cut out to be a Buckeye.

Anyhow, as I’ve gotten older, traveled and lived all over the world, I have come to really appreciate the football season.  And expecially college football season.  Having children, especially a boy has been the game changer I think.  Not to mention of course being married to a native Alabama man and born and raised Bama fanatic.

When our son came I realized that I really want him to love and appreciate football as much as we do.  Not just because it’s the most fun you can have on a Saturday in the Fall, but because there is something, many things special about this game.  I want to flesh those things out for myself and for anyone else interested in Why!? you would ever want to watch a single game with your football loving husband.

Comaradery.  There is just a feeling, maybe inexplicable feeling you get from knowing gameday is here.  It’s like waking up on Christmas morning in October with an unknown present coming.  [Especially if you’re an Alabama fan].  But, only you and millions of other fans are in on the gifting.  You get to come together with all kinds of folks for good, clean competition.  And, this is especially why I love College Football because it’s not the NFL, players are still young and impressionable and learning who they are on and off the field.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that there aren’t big money issues in College ball, too, but still, it’s not the NFL where players are paid gajillions.  That, however is another post entirely my friendly readers.

Americana.  When I was living abroad, one of the things I would miss the most in the Fall was American Football.  It defines us as a nation, whether we like it or not, it’s Our sport.  I began to get homesick living in Korea for my friends and I hanging out in front of the tv watching a game, drinking something cold and eating all kinds of gameday food.  I guess I’m just a ‘Merican at heart.

Team.  I have always found team play really important.  Which is odd considering my personal choice of sports: Tennis and cycling.  Ha!  Those two sports are all about me, me, me.  Looking back I wish I had gone out for the girl’s soccer team, just to be part of a team sport.  And now as a Mom, I really am hoping that our kids get the chance to play, learn and enjoy team sports.  They are character building and enjoyable for so many reasons.

Roughhousing. One of the main reasons I think football in particular as a team sport is great, is because of the idea of roughhousing and learning our  inner and outer strengths.  Playing rough is one of God’s great gifts to human kind, to all animals, and it teaches us trust in ourselves, our bodies and in others.  Especially if we were allowed to roughhouse as kids.  It is practice for the real world for animals, but on many levels for us too. We learn boundaries and how to exceed them, if and where possible, and we learn about the magnificent gifts God has bestowed on us in play, through excertion of our physical bodies, through laughter and frustration, we learn, grow and get stronger.  We learn that we can overcome.  Here’s Mandisa’s gorgeous song and tear jerking video(I’m 3 for 3 in crying while viewing):

Manliness.  I believe it’s extremely important, especially today to define our gender roles.  It is essential for a boy to know that it is not only OKAY to be a boy, but to Act like a boy.  Boys are generally bigger and stronger than girls and it’s important for them to have positive, healthy outlets for being boys.  They are our future Men; future husbands, fathers, military, priests, builders, caretakers.  I want our son to know that he can be himself in a world that may not want Manliness to exist at all.  Men are an amazing, beautiful strength and gift to the human race, I would like for that to be the case forever.  And, in something as simple as playing football, they can learn skills that will carry them into Manhood with grace and love and understanding of proper roles as a beautiful thing, not something to hide or be ashamed of.

Coaching.  This is an amazing gift, this thing called coaching. It’s not parenting, but it is, it’s not teaching, but it totally is, it’s not anything short of helping a person excel at his or her own personal gifts.  I have had the privilege of knowing some wonderful coaches; people who really cared about their teams and sacrificed their own time to help kids get better and be better, on and off the field, or choir room, or theatre stage, or ninjutsu mat.

So these are some reasons I will always root for my team, try to be the best coach a kid can ask for in a parent and pray for players and coaches. And I pray that my kids have as good a coach as Peter Mussett or Nick Saban or Rhonda Fossum or Mary Stevens.  Roll Tide. PPS Coach, please don’t leave Alabama until Blaise can play for you!

Love, Vic.

Happy not Friday, Family Photos and Alabama Football.

7 quick takes sm1 Your 7 Quick Takes Toolkit!First let me just say how excited I am to actually get my #7QT post up!  My wonderful Mother` gave us an early Christmas gift in her laptop.  So, here I am. Thanks Mom!

1.  Friday is technically our Thursday and since becoming parents, there’s really no Happy Hour going on at chez Falls apart from the possible play before dinner or odd Sofia episode. I think I like Sofia as much as my son does.

2. Tomorrow, however, is the biggest game of the College Football season for us SEC folks;  Alabama vs. LSU.

I married an Alabama Man.  And, somehow, I got the bug, the absolute love of this great game of football and love for sport.  I’ve always been a sporto girl, but now it’s fun being a fan too.  And boy, do we LOVE to beat the stripes off of some Tigers.  #RollTide  I think I’ll make Frito Pie and Monkey Bread to celebrate.

3.  My sweet and generous friend Raylynne over at Life in Grace Photography offered to take family photos of us for her site, and of course our answer was like, Totally!    Here’s a few.



6.  Speaking of not Friday, do any of you love, like LOVE  Our 3 yr old is loving it and seems to get so much learning in.  It is pretty tough to get him to leave the site, so we’re figuring that one out as we go… Always the redirect with Preschoolers.

7.  I’m just gonna say it, we’re already prepping for Thanksgiving and Advent that are coming quick at the tale end of this month.  With a budget we must stick to, it’s helping me become Planner Mom like I never knew I could be.  Which, as it turns out is easing a Lot of stress.  So, I hope you all enjoy your weekends, with or without football.  Hope to be back soon.

Thanks Jen for being such a lovely hostess!