Right Brain Drawing Club, Picture Share #2

Hey y’all!  Better late than never, right!?

This upside down thingy was super hard for me to not think “man, I’m so above this, I’m never gonna learn anything.  Lo- she learned me some skills, that author teacher lady did.

Here are my husband’s rendition:

Jeff's copy.

Jeff’s copy.


And here’s mine.

my copy.  that thumb is pretty crazy.

my copy. that thumb is pretty crazy.

Hoping to get to either a spider man or the knight sometime before the week is up…

Thanks for sharing your renditions and well done Simcha getting these in before your epic camping trip!

For more drawing fun check out I Have to Sit Down.

-vic and jeff.


Right Brain Summer Drawing Club, Picture Share #1!!!

We’re so excited!  It’s bedtime for littles so I’m gonna make this short and sweet .

Husband and I are joining in the fun over at Simcha’s blog  I Need to Sit Down for summer drawing.  There’s a lot more i would like to write, but, time.

So, here are Jeff’s first drawings for the week(my rad hubby joining me for the drawing fun)!  And can I say what a great job I think he did!  Wow.




from memory





Here are my first submissions.  I was pretty nervous.  I have to say that I am an artist and studied in art school and even taught drawing.  I also have not done a proper drawing in at least 5 years, more like 6 and my last class was over a decade ago.  I was surprised at how much I remembered and am so thrilled to have some impetus and encouragement to actually start drawing and making again.  Thanks Simcha!


Selfie no. 1




hand- mostly resembling some creepy inflatable or something, complete with peeling nail polish.

from memory.

from memory.

I just want to apologize to my daughter for  making her look like a scarecrow.  Uhh, sorry kid. maybe I’ll improve?

Anyway, this book is awesome, and if I am ever blessed with the oportunity to teach drawing 101 again, I will totally be using this book.  Ah, grad school mistakes, live and learn.

Hope you all have a good laugh and join in the linkup fun. Ciao!