So my daughter wants a Wonder Woman costume.


Now, if we could juuuust give you a Complete outfit that would be great.



Something more like this. Yes, let’s try this. Modest, cute and still tough.

in fact, you know who’s costume I like?


“WordGirl title card” by Source. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia –


Why are little girls dressing so immodestly? Well, my actual answer is the birth control pill and abortion, but that is another post.

I was with my kids at their dentist last month waiting next to the door, it was about 30 degrees outside at best. A little girl about 7years old, came in with her Mom and brother, the girl was dressed in sandals a t-shirt and a mini-skirt. I kid you not. We are in Colorado, mountainous Colorado. Not Florida or California. My heart just broke. I saw myself so long ago in this child and just wanted to tell her and her Mom that there is so so much more. That God has given us so very much more. And that we won’t get what we really desire by dressing and living this way; to be in union with God the Father but only help Satan in his quest for evil and hatred among us and within ourselves. All I could think was that this little girl is probably learning like many of us have, that you have to get by on looks. Period.

This Christmas, one of the  books my 5yo son got was a Batman book.  Cool, Batman is a good guy I thought. I Like Batman. He stands for good overcoming evil. Then somewhere around page 4 I see Wonder Woman’s boobs and butt as the Main focus of the page. My kids just don’t see women drawn like that , much less in movies or on Veggie Tales. Gah! What the HECK is a Mom supposed to do!?

Let’s get one thing straight. I’m not ashamed of women or of our bodies. I believe that God gave us beauty in many different forms, not the least of which being to catch the eye of men. God made men the visual beings they are and he made women, well, totally awesome.  But I am Sick, And Tired of Superhero women drawn like sluts. Yes, dressing like a prostitute or a scantily clad rock star is Not going to get us anywhere, nor will it help our little girls find self respect before ruining it. Nor will it help our boys find respect for girls.  Dressing ourselves and our little girls like Beyonce – or – like all we think men want is for us to strip-  is insipid, playing into the enemy’s hand, stupid , banal and just rude. I’m pretty sure superheroes don’t think “Wow, I’m gonna need less clothes so that I can fight. No Way can I do those crazy Trinity Matrix round-house-jump-off-the-wall kicks to the throat with these clothes- on my body! ”  Face. Palm.

So I told my kids while reading the Batman book that Wonder Woman needs more clothes. They agreed.

Today, my sweet little 3 year old who Loves Princess Leia and Hello Kitty told me that she wants to dress up like Wonder Woman. – I was prepared for this after losing a Lot of sleep Christmas night over slutty  female superhero stereotypes. But I’m none too happy that at 3 she needs to have the modesty discussion. We have always instilled that “your body is your body” with our kids. An important stepping stone in the self-respect arena.  And it truly is never too early to instill self respect and modesty as a virtue. So I told her that I would love to have her help me design a better Wonder Woman outfit. Maybe a pretty dress or something that would help Wonder Woman be more respectful And powerful at the same time. She agreed so tomorrow we’ll be at the drawing board. For now I picked up some simple ideas from the pinlandia you can look at here if you want your daughter in modest costuming too.

– Happy parenting and Merry Christmas Amigos!



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