Potty Training Escapades {cut to} Part IV;and a birthday wish

So, we’re trying to potty train the middle child. And oh my goodness is she living up to her #spicyprincess name!

Part1: pottying on the floor. In brother’s room. Kinda pretty much on purpose.

I was mad, and this was just after I had cleaned all the barf off of said carpet. Oh well. The adventures. Thank goodness my husband reminded me that it’s all just part of it.

Part 2: poopies on the upstairs carpet. That wasn’t much fun. Kinda funny at 9am, but you know, GET IT CLEAN! Because baby.

Part 3: This one is the best. We were coming home from a looooong drive to meet up with a friend passing thru Colorado at Mother Cabrini Shrine {none other than Mrs. Jiza Zito!!!}And I wish I had a picture of my face: “Is this really happening!?, Did that just happen, to us, from her, HERE!?”   Middle child dropped a giant poo out of her shorts onto the floor at Chipotle.  ONTO THE FLOOR AT CHIPOTLE. It was busy, but I honestly don’t think anyone but maaaaybe another mom saw it and me get the poo up with copious napkins and children into the bathroom.  Thank almighty God the bathroom was open at the time. There was a lady sitting like 1.5 feet from it and didn’t turn around AT ALL.  So, do I get some kind of award for that? I hope it took major major points off of purgatory for me and Every parent who had that happen.  Wow. I’m kinda still reeling from that after almost a week.

Part 4 happened last night and I gotta make it quick cuz we’re off for a birthday lunch for this cute 5 year old Blaise with Daddy.:  Middle child pooped in the bathtub, with her brother in there with her.  Oh Lord have mercy on our parenting souls.  We just reminded her that she can tell us any ol time that she needs to go, even if it’s during bathtime.

So, escapades continue.  Wish us luck friends.

And a very very very happy 5th birthday to our beloved and amazing boy Blaise!


Yours, Victoria.