tl;dr: Sick and pregnant ain’t cool. And dental hygiene. And fabric.

Finally finally linking it up with the lovely Jenna!!! …

So this is like day 5 of Sick baby Mama.  So so uncool.  And today I got some lovely antibiotics from mr. dentist man because I’m having too many tooth pains.  I’ve never had this.  But- I am a notorious -eat ice cream late at night and be too tired/lazy to brush and floss before I hit the hay- kinda girl.  Not a good combo.  I blame pregnancy.


– I’m DESPERATELY trying to get a co-sleeping/ nursing blankie made for me and little bebe #3rd.  Do you think I can wrap my brain around what fabrics to choose!?!  No.  #$W$%’s no.  Of course not.  I blame pregnancy.

-Nesting like a beast. {probably how I got sick in the first place}.

– Do you all get serious spiritual attacks when you’re pregnant?  I do.  This last one was a doozy and thank goodness I have my husband to love me and listen and talk thru things.  Some stuff is spiritual attack, some just needs sorting. On a particularly bad day the other day I was perusing Pinterest and found this gem of a gem on marriage:  3 Ways to Not Hate Your Husband.  I hope you read it.  It changed some things for me.


– Here is a little profile of 37  week little man!  Heartbeat is good.  Head down.  #LetsDoThis!

-Peace and Love y’all from my desk to yours.

-Also, trying to come up with a new, more descriptive tagline for my blog.  Not the easiest task.  Waiting on a little divine inspiration.

Off to pin a blankie I think.

Thank you Jenna for the fun linky links.