Right Brain Summer Drawing Club, Picture Share #1!!!

We’re so excited!  It’s bedtime for littles so I’m gonna make this short and sweet .

Husband and I are joining in the fun over at Simcha’s blog  I Need to Sit Down for summer drawing.  There’s a lot more i would like to write, but, time.

So, here are Jeff’s first drawings for the week(my rad hubby joining me for the drawing fun)!  And can I say what a great job I think he did!  Wow.




from memory





Here are my first submissions.  I was pretty nervous.  I have to say that I am an artist and studied in art school and even taught drawing.  I also have not done a proper drawing in at least 5 years, more like 6 and my last class was over a decade ago.  I was surprised at how much I remembered and am so thrilled to have some impetus and encouragement to actually start drawing and making again.  Thanks Simcha!


Selfie no. 1




hand- mostly resembling some creepy inflatable or something, complete with peeling nail polish.

from memory.

from memory.

I just want to apologize to my daughter for  making her look like a scarecrow.  Uhh, sorry kid. maybe I’ll improve?

Anyway, this book is awesome, and if I am ever blessed with the oportunity to teach drawing 101 again, I will totally be using this book.  Ah, grad school mistakes, live and learn.

Hope you all have a good laugh and join in the linkup fun. Ciao!


I would love to hear from you too!

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