Armed Forces Day & ‘Mom’s Night In’ Recap w. pix!

It’s Armed Forces Day!

First I just want to say a heartfelt Thank You to all those who have, do and will serve our American Armed Forces.  It is because of your work, dedication and sacrifice that we can call ourselves Americans today. This may seem cliche, but I believe this to be true and your work is usually the last to get noticed or thanked.  And a special Thank You to my husband; once and always a United States Marine and current Air Force Reserves Tech. Sergeant.  What you do means so much to me and I am so proud to call you my husband.  May God Bless our Armed Forces.


Tech. Sgt. Falls in a totally rad Humvee exercise

St. Martin of Tours, patron of soldiers,  pray for us!


 I decided that I needed to put a proper cap on the #sotg drink tasting since it was such a blast for moms and kids alike.


Snuggled in Thomas bed.

So, I owe a giant thank you to you lovely ladies who braved liquors that you don’t even like PLUS raw egg whites to help me compete in this totally fun contest for Jen Fulwiler’s book release. I hope that you all go out and get a copy too. This had to be the best excuse to have some ladies over and just have a fun night and let our kids just play like wild things that they are.

Some proof that this so-called SOTG drink was made and enjoyed:

Vim and vigor shake complete with grimace and messy counter.

Vim and vigor shake complete with grimace and messy counter.

I got to be bartender, cuz I can’t do the concoction tasting because  Baby 3rd is 20 weeks!, but I did sip one and verdict is Yum!

The #SOTG North/South Pisco

The #SOTG North/South Pisco

and the recipe again for ‘ya:

El #SOTG North/South Pisco


1 oz. bourbon

1 oz. tequila

4-6 oz. sour mix (I used the frozen Bacardi Marg. mix)

Egg white from 1 egg

lime wedge

Pour all over ice in a shaker.  (I used this as an excuse to finally buy those large mason jars I’ve been eyeing)

Shake with all the vim and vigor you got to let the egg do it’s frothy, foamy thang

strain into a (chilled) rocks/ champagne/ mason jar/ whatever you like

garnish with that pretty lime and

OLE Y’all!  Happy drinking.

Miss Arron enjoying crazy concoction.

Miss Arron enjoying crazy concoction.

I was so jealous here.  Ima have one of these come October.

And then this little girl stole my kids’ hearts. They were literally fighting over who she belonged to after she left.

Little Miss Sweetie Pie herself.

Little Miss Sweetie Pie herself.

So that was a super fun and easy Mom’s Night In.  Can’t wait to do it again.

I’d love to hear from anyone else who joined the contest fun, or tried this crazy drink, or just for whatever reason.



I would love to hear from you too!

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