7ishQT on Drink Contest, Dandelions and Mishaps


Hey y’all!  We made it to Friday, not that that means anything around these parts, but we did, and somehow this week it actually feels like a Friday for once in a Blue Martini moon.  (I’m pregnant, all I can think about are the lovely blue cheese stuffed olive martinis I cannot have right now.)



Speaking of drinks, are you partaking in the Jen’s fun #sotg  book release contests!?  I hope so, cuz I love me a good competition. And Eep!  tonight is the deadline, I totally thought I had until manana, pero, no.  Today is it folks.

Husband and I came up with a -to-be-taste-tested-by-non-preggos-later-hopefully delicious- and contest winning- #sotg drink.  Phew.  I sent my Top Secret Recipe to one hilarious and you all knew her before I did; Kelly of  This Ain’t The Lyceum for a video making!

That’s me gasping at that generous offer.

Anyway, to finish this post I gotta Giant list of crap to get done today and that lawn ain’t gonna mow itself.

{part 2}


(image courtesy of www.undertheyewtree.com – and didn’t use this but you should also try the real deal Pisco Sour, it’s amazing)

El #SOTG North/South Pisco Drink Recipe you all have been waiting for!


1 oz. bourbon

1 oz. tequila

4-6 oz. sour mix (I used the frozen Bacardi Marg. mix)

Egg white from 1 egg

lime wedge

Pour all over ice in a shaker.  (I used this as an excuse to finally buy those large mason jars I’ve been eyeing)

Shake with all the vim and vigor you got to let the egg do it’s frothy, foamy thang

strain into a (chilled) rocks/ champagne/ mason jar/ whatever you like

garnish with that pretty lime and

OLE Y’all!  Happy drinking.

[tried to insert hilarious drink making vlog here, possibly rivaling Kelly’s (good luck with that Victoria), it’s gonna have to wait.]


This past weekend, I was able to get down to Colorado Springs with kids for some family fun.  Husband is training, placing 3rd in a state-wide shooting contest, doing cool AFR stuff; so we made the trek.  I made it longer by making a much needed pit stop at my Mom’s.  My husband was so sweet and did everything to make my day a lovely one.  Thank you babe!


Mishap #1:  I simply Had to get those dandelions mowed down cuz there was probably a storm a comin’ and I didn’t know if our city would make good on their promise to charge us an arm and a leg to spray them themselves before husband got the chance to deal with them.  Our city, it’s my least favorite thing about living here so far.  I don’t like this term, but nanny state totally fits here.  And for some reason, I felt this was fitting:


Mishap #2 Start the car after 1.5 hours of dragging the lawnmower around the lawn and truck decides not to start.  Luckily there were some nice farmer guys doing another neighbors lawn who jumped the battery.  Phew.


Mishap #3:  It started to snow.  Hard.  Like sideways 1/4 mile visibility kinda snow.  On Mother’s Day.  And I forgot socks for me. Husband to the rescue again.  Phew.


Did anyone ever tell you in your whole life that it is a TERRIBLE idea to take a toddler to a movie, at an actual movie theater?  That kid can sit and watch her some Daniel Tiger or Dora or some stupid movie, yes, I’m a terrible Mom, but a real paid-for flick.  UGH.  Just- don’t- do- it.  Unless you want this to be your life:




These guys.  Aren’t they pretty?  Well;

Ooooooooooh boy. I have to give a Major Mea Culpa to my neighbors whom I have been a hatin’ on for at least a week for this dandelion thing. I just talked to the city to get a “preggo extension” on the whole Nuisance Code mess. It turns out that the City of Sterling has been walking around our neighborhood, literally, to see who is in violation of this horrible dandelion EPIDEMIC. I mean, those dandelions, you Seriously have to watch them, they could kill a person.
So, to my unwitting neighbors, I am so sorry for all the glaring, talk behind your backs  and general mean thoughts in your direction, I apologize.  Not that you will ever see this crazy Catholic Mama blog, but still.  Plus, there’s confession. Phew.  Now I turn the death glares to you, dear stupid city.  Which is childish, I know, but give me a break.



I think that’s actually 7, so that’s what Ima do this week.  Gotta change somebody’s little dipe then get all bedazzled for my #SOTG drink taste test Mom’s night In fun.

Happy Friday, can’t wait to read more over at the Fulwiler place!

And major congratulations to you Jen for writing and  getting this book out!  I am so very looking forward to some time to read it!


3 thoughts on “7ishQT on Drink Contest, Dandelions and Mishaps

  1. Ann-Marie says:

    The drink looks great. Perfect for a Friday! And good luck with the weeds.

  2. I happening to like dandelions and my kids think they make wonderful mama-bouquets, so that rule would really rub me wrong. Perhaps, you could whip up a lovely arrangement of them for the naysayers and have your wee ones deliver it with big smiles.

    • That is a wonderful idea Tara! I think I’ll get a giant bouquet for city hall and take it to them with my letter about them needing to spend our tax dollars elsewhere.

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