Five Favorites! Take 1.


(edited to put in Hallie’s fancy cool image^)

Whoa.  I’m about to join the fun ranks of 5faves.  Did a hashtag get chosen?  I’m always late to the party.

Anywho, here are my 5 today, kinda nitty gritty cuz that’s where I be at what with pushing 20 weeks pregnant nesting needs and husband being gone waaay too much with work(s) lately.

Muchas Gracias for hosting Kat(i)e! and for usually hosting Miss Hallie!  I loooove the link-up.  Without it, my blog would surely die a horrible death.



This stuff is just amazing and I am positive that I was graced with zero stretch marks during our son’s pregnancy because of it.



And- my sister is going to Kiiiiiiill me when and if she finds out I posted our ~1986 camping morning photo.  So, glad to know ya!  I think I’ll just keep this little bit to mahself, well, and y’all of course.  That’s her cute middle school self up top and I’m the pensive teenager in pinkish red. That was totally my favorite hoodie ever btw.



Our bebe.  He’s a He!!!  My husband totally thought our little tiny son was a girl, and the night before our ultrasound about a week ago, I was like, “ya know? I think this baby is a boy.”  I’m favoriting our blessed new miracle and the amazingness of the new ultrasound.  Just amazing.   Anyways- lo and behold, we get to pick out a boy name!  A little backstory, I wrote a while ago that I really wanted to name a girl Eowyn. cuz duh.  And I would love to name a boy Ender.  Cuz I’m a total geek like that and it’s my husband’s favorite book of all time, I think. And I got the N to the O on both until he said I could name a girl Eowyn IF we named a boy Aragorn.  Ummmmmm, no.  Cuz that would be silly.  Am I right?  Mommy logic.  So, now that there really IS a boy, he says “yes” to Ender and I’m all, in my little downturned sheepish tone “I was just kiiiiding.”  Oh, the name game. Holy Spirit, please inspire us!


The lovely and my newly found interwebz amiga, Catholic Mommy extraordinaire; Blythe over at The Fisk Files posted an awesome video from FUN up so I got to find this gem. Pink with Nate Ruess from FUN;  I mean, these two, in a song, together.  Some of God’s beauty for us to enjoy. And again I am usually late to the party, but my excuse is is that I live in a small town.  Did you hear Pink at the Oscars singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow?  I love how she has matured as an artist. Such tunes, so song.



I seriously cannot be excited enough to finally be getting my new Dansko Sam sandals.  I am in love with this color. And Boy oh boy do I adore the soft on the inside.  No surfer bone break-in cuz they be sandals and all, and I can wear them with everything.  I was on the fence 2 years ago when Moms got me a pair of Chacos.  Never fear! I am now the proud owner of these lil beauties which are never coming off my feet.


Thanks for stopping by this little blog and hope to see you soon!  Happy Easter!



5 thoughts on “Five Favorites! Take 1.

  1. Suzette says:

    love love love the throwback pic!!! hahahaha!!!!!
    I totally thought bébé number three was a girl!
    ENDER!!!!!!!!!! My husband would surely allow me a trip to hang out with someone who names their kid Ender, heck, family vaca!!!!

  2. Oh the glasses in those pictures!! And the name Ender is very cool. Isn’t Ender actually an Andrew?? Am I remembering that right??

  3. Jeff Falls (BlandHusband) says:

    Ender is an Andrew. I tried that. Nogo.
    Me: “After all, we could just call him ‘Ender’.”
    Vic: “No, I don’t like the name Andrew.”
    Me: “There’s always Aragorn.”

  4. Suzette says:

    I’m still rooting for Ender…but Aragon, not a bad second!
    Your belly shot is AWESOME!!!!!

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