The {phfr} spring edition.

Hey y’all!  I’m in a pretty good mood for having been with kids AAAAAAAlllll week.  Phew.

So here’s some of our week’s fun in photos and short on words cuz my brain is kinda fried now.



I finally remembered to save some of the beautiful flowers my husband gave me.  They remind me that I am married to the man who loves me.  This counts for happy too, but I’ll put in another fun shot for that.



We are actually in our house for the beginning of spring!  And it looks like we’ll be here likely thru the birth of baby 3rd. So we got to planting all the fun flowers it was too late for last season.  This may not look like much yet, but it was a giant celebration and feat for this mama.  We planted garlic for the first time, Clare Bear got to be planting assistant for the first time, we got all dirty in celebration for spring And got wildflowers and poppies sifted in there too.  Tho- the mulched grass did cause a hellatious 2 day long allergy attack.  So I got that going for me too.



“Ah dun.”

Okay, this was a little while ago, but I just couldn’t resist the hilarity.  Will she demand I take this picture off the interwebz when she is 16? Likely.  But pottytraining, you just gotta laugh at it sometimes, right?



Our poor guy had the misfortune to get the Worst bout of stomach flu or bug or food poisoning the very first night husband was out of town.  At 11pm.  Miraculously thru all the barfing, tears and sleeping in mama’s bed, little Miss didn’t wake at all.  Amazing. Thank you Gaurdian Angels for that sweet gift. This is what he looked like on virtually sips of water and 2 hours of sleep the next day.  Thankfully it was all gone at 3am and bonus was I got his room Totally spring cleaned, re-arranged and organized.

-that was our week pretty much.  Thank goodness I have help and a love in my husband and Jesus to lean on when tymz is hard.

Peace  and have a lovely Palm Sunday friends.  It’s like one of my favorite days in the year.  And I can’t help but think of that dance scene in Superstar.  How I love that movie.  I think we’ll have a viewing this coming week.

And a major mea culpa edit, I forgot to thank the lovely and gracious hosts in my haste to get this up. Thank you, Muchisimas Gracias to Like Mother Like Daughter for inspiration and hosting this link up!


I would love to hear from you too!

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