Bienvenidos a 2nd Trimester and Blog Make-Over!

It’s with super joy and relief that I am able to welcome little 3rd into her 2nd Trimester! Queue celebratory music.  I am so thrilled that I am staring to get my energy, brain, sanity, life, family, clean house(to be seen), passion for everything Vic; back.   I’m just guessing about “her” at this stage.  But, that’s what’s stuck so far, we shall see in a few weeks.  We’re finder-outters.  I love being able to call baby by their sex and zero in on names and be able to call them by name for the last few months. If we agree on a name that is… 😉

And- she totally has fingerprints!  How amazing is that.  Just beautiful.

(Just like that I had one amazing high energy day and 2 days of nausea, headaches and yuck.  Here’s to feeling better soon.)

So, I hope you enjoy the new layout here  at Spicy Catholic and have a blessed day!

We are stuck at home this morning with truck in the shop so sonny boy isn’t able to make it to pre-school.  Sooo- in lieu of school we are going to make candy!  Yummy, hopefully delicious and kid-make-friendly jelly pectin candy.

Wish us luck.  Posting sugary fun later.

And I leave you with this for a little throwback  Thursday Tuesday action.



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