{pfhr} & Theme Thursday!

Well hellooo amigos.  I’m officially at the 12 week mark with Baby 3!!!  So, to celebrate I thought I’d do a little fun linkage and sharing of the craze….



I’ve realized that the small victories around here are really small miracles.  Baking is my Love. It’s almost immediate gratification. Yesterday I actually had energy to bake!  I am so excited.  It’s the easiest of peasiest recipes from our beloved Ree over at Pioneer Woman.  I added some dark chocolate chips- cuz- and I know Miss Ree would agree- why wouldn’t cha?

 I’m finally starting to come out of the 1st trimester baby-is-healthy-making-mommy-sick-as-all-get-out blues.  Yay.  Maybe my family can have me back soon. Progesterone medication for baby to stay put is Almost done- thank sweet baby Jesus, and counting the minutes until we’re free. And- I am so blessed with the knowledge Creighton Model family planning provided us to Know I needed progesterone for a sucessful 1st trimester- no matter how sick.  And the ability to pay for and take this medication for a healthy baby.



I actually got a few precious quite morning moments with my big guy today.  That hasn’t happened in forever, and he still, kinda, fits in my lap.  Taking those while I still can.  God has blessed me and my heart is full.



Are those crazy flippy do bedhead hairs apparent enough?  Oh.My.Goodness.  Last week I went to pick him up from pre-school and his teacher is like “Hey, I have a funny picture to show you!”  She pulls out her phone and shows me the most MORTIFYING photo of my son with the most crazy bedhead.  Thank you, Miss Pre-school teacher. -She is really wonderful and just adores our son.  Aaaand- I now have the very best reason to start homeschooling.  I mean, what do you even do but laugh it off.  I made up some story that he won’t let us cut it.  Suuuuuure.



You know you’re pregnant when…. fill in the blank.  I baught this jar at around 4 pm yesterday.  Around 4:15pm this is what was left.

Very very richly blessed that I have pickle cravings at the 12 week mark.  Prayer and cravings are stemming the tide of worry. Thanks be to God that I have my family, my wonderful husband who loves and adores me, even when I’m not at my best and my lovely kids who make me smile each and every day.

Thanks so much to Like Mother Like Daughter and the lovely Cari  on Theme Thursday for linkup fun!  Ciao Amigos!


4 thoughts on “{pfhr} & Theme Thursday!

  1. Annery says:

    I love that I found you today (via Clan Donaldson). I’m starting my hormone profile tomorrow for Creighton to determine if there’s something there that’s been causing the low fertility problems. Reading about your knowing you needed progesterone support during the first trimester thanks to Creighton was a little push I needed today. Blessings to you on a healthy (and hopefully less stomach turning) pregnancy. Linking to you today at anneryathome.blogspot.com 🙂

    • Hi there! I got to read up a little on your lovely blog yesterday. You are so sweet and generous. It gave me such a heartfelt joy to know that I could have helped in any small way. So happy to be in contact with such a lovely person. Thank you for mentioning me, but mostly for being so willing to share your journey on your site. I’m keeping you in my prayers. My husband and I have – before we got pregnant with this baby- started the adoption discussion. We are a long way off. But knowing that other people try and live with the trials and joys and heartbreaks is such a help. God bless you and I hope to keep in touch. (and thank you for the good baby thoughts, I’m feeling good today, I have finished meds and looking forward to our next ob this friday where we get to hear her strong heartbeat God willing). Peace!

  2. Is there a way to contact you? I’m going to start learning Creighton this week to detect causes of the two miscarriages I’ve had in the past 6 months and I’d love to hear about your experiences/ask some questions if you are open to that.

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