7QT Where I make a Leeetle Announcement…


Boy oh boy have I been dying to share this news with y’all!   See that little gummie bear looking thing?  That’s our baby!  I just am so amazed at this imaging, we haven’t had it with our other two, so it was quite the treat. We’re due early October so baby should arrive somewhere next January. Joking.



And then these two, they are so excited about the baby inside Mommy’s tummy.  Reason to smile.




I just haven’t even had the energy to do a post in like, forever.  My first trimester is a bad blues song that goes something like “Oh whoa is meeeeEEEEeeeee, I just can’t take this No Mooooooooh”  and on and on forever. Not quite as bad as Mama Knows, which is hilarious and sad but, Laudy, is it just a way start offering up every little thing, ever.


I’m actually quite bummed I didn’t have one ounce of energy to put my little fingers to a keyboard, much less pull my brain out of the gigantic cotton filled fog I’ve been in for weeks now.  So, to all you wonderful peeps grinding out the week, thanks for giving my basically bed-ridden self something to laugh and smile about.


Products:  Can I just say that if I never, ever, ever, ever ever see another piece of ginger or ginger ale or ginger gum or ginger anything it will be too dang soon.  Ugh.  It does help for a minute, but really, I’m just a praying that this next 4 weeks goes smoothly and not worse.  Meds: Doc has put me on Actual progesterone because of multiple miscarriages and I get to stop at week 12.  Today is the first day, and so far, no barfy barfy or anything there like, lethargic, but not the super yuck.  Good. News.  I’m also one of those sicky sicks who goes on the anti-nausea meds, please don’t judge, cuz, I have got to got to got to be Mama.  We aren’t exactly living in the lap of luxury and husband works thru my sickest part of the day.  Non-smelly anything:  I think I haven’t even put hair product in and there’s just no way I could touch perfume- if I had any- or even any kind of aromatic food- just kills me.  The Keurig has been my total life saver, from making my instant broth, to whatever I need hot water in stat; it’s been my best friend.  Thank you Keurig!



I really really wanted to try this for a possible cure to the sickness.  Can I just say that even thinking about meat or cooking it has been totally and utterly impossible.  I got the idea from Jen’s morning sickness post  after a friend Pinned it and just hoped and prayed it would work. So I bought the book all excited- this is still pre-sick phase and then BAM.  Just like that, I was layed up, out cold, useless to my family and the world other than building a sweet tiny little bebe.  Plus- no bread!?  Eek gads, I am just not that strong willed.  I’m not.  Not right now anyway.  Maybe After I’m thru this stage , but right now, it’s like all I can do to heat up a cup of broth to sip on and dip a piece of toast into it if I’m lucky.



I’m already forming a committee to name our Third, Ender.  We’re giant fans of the BOOK, not the horrible sellout of a film {major bummer for us Ender geeks} and I am really not opposed to naming a kid after a favorite character, plus a lifetime of cool kids getting it?: Awesome.  Husband says we could name bebe Andrew but he”s sure it’s a girl and I’m not so keen on Andrew for a girl. Or Valentine.   And to kow my taste in baby naming, I desperately wanted to name baby girl Eowyn.  Duh.  No dice.  Help?  You could send plea letters, picket, do one of those Presidential Executive decision thingies, petition, whatever.  And then again!  Light bulb:  if it gets to be too much for him, maybe he’ll say that Eowyn isn’t so bad After all!!!  Ha.  Happy weekending friends.

Heading over to Jen’s 7QT for more friday fun.  Seeya there.


9 thoughts on “7QT Where I make a Leeetle Announcement…

  1. Elena says:

    Wish I could come over and help u at home while hubby’s away!

    Praying for you! ❤

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. tracye1 says:

    Such awesome news!!! Congratulations and prayers for a quick ending to the pukies!!! XOXO

  3. Lisa Schmidt says:

    Congrats!! Such awesome news. Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Suzette says:

    Um. It is all very clear as to why we are friends. Can I swoon over Ender’s Game?! Yes?! hahaha I LOVE Valentine for a girl! LOVE!
    Our oldest is nick-named Bean…after, you guessed it, Bean (Ender’s Shadow). Not even kidding!

  5. […] name!  A little backstory, I wrote a while ago that I really wanted to name a girl Eowyn. cuz duh.  And I would love to name a boy Ender.  Cuz I’m a total geek like that and it’s my husband’s favorite book of all […]

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