Devotional dilemma.

I have to just come out with it and say I am not a devotional type of person.

I know this has everything to do with my previous Buddhist and non-Christian life where random “devotionals” were pretty much all I had.

In the Godless world that I was in, I would hop from New Age to Mystic sections of book stores All the time. I purchased countless of these things in hopes that they would brighten my day, enlighten, bring me to some new level of happiness.  And no. They just didn’t. I was so busy being angry at God for all that had happened in my life and other’s lives I never thought to just ask Him for help. Or, sometimes I did.


I would have the rare moment of deep introspection and actually get the courage to walk into the Denver Cathedral. It was really my true spiritual home. The place where I would go- not during a mass of course- when I was in need the most; in the most pain; in the most trouble; in need of forgiveness.  I had no idea the depth of love before me, but probably the inkling is what would inspire me to go and light a candle and sit in the calming pews as long as I needed. Even if I felt like a bit of an interloper, I would always feel at home in this cathedral. This image is one of the gorgeous and prayer-inspiring stained glass windows.

I never looked beyond the cathedral doors closing behind me as I left.  I never thought, “Maybe I should read about Catholicism.” or sought anyone out who knew anything about being Catholic or even about Jesus for that matter.  It was like my quiet inner secret that I kept even from my conscious self.

So, I guess I connect devotionals with the idea of Godlessness, or even Protestantism, where I’m free to pick and choose my own idea of the Gospel or Jesus or God or the Catholic faith.  I know this isn’t the case with the amazing, orthodox and devoted Catholic authors who I would like to read otherwise. I even have one or two already.  I just can’t seem to want to stay up on it.  Would it help my daily prayer life? Quite possibly.

So, I’m inviting thoughts and your own experiences and input.  I would love to hear from you one way or the other about your thoughts on devotionals.


3 thoughts on “Devotional dilemma.

  1. Elena says:

    It truly is amazing what we chose to not see about ourselves when we weren’t walking with God, right? Sometimes I look back at that time and think, “How did I ever manage?” And I know the answer is that Jesus had never left my side or my heart.

    I was raised Catholic, had all the sacraments, but I fell away from the Church and from Jesus. When He came back for me, though, there was no mistaking that this burning LOVE I had sought elsewhere and the indescribable PEACE that was His alone to give had been here all along. I simply had not turned to Him, asked forgiveness, and opened my heart to receive His Heart.

    When this finally happened for me, it was and is still all about the Heart of Jesus. The Sacred Heart devotional has become my main source of everything in life. (I am currently writing a book for young women about the Sacred Heart of Jesus, to help us see how His Heart is Eucharistic and is within us, if we surrender to Him. I might actually love to talk with you on the phone or Skype some day soon about this project…)

    So, I suggest to you the Sacred Heart devotion… there are many styles, and I have several books that could be a good starting point for you. You can find some info on my blog, but I’ll PM you with a reading list and a couple good websites.

    Always keeping you in prayer, sister! xo

    • thank you, Elana! I love your imput, especially having the same buddhist background. I talked a bit with Jeff on the subject too and realized it’s totally fine that I’m not in love with devotionals. I really appreciate your suggestion and just may take you up on it someday and would love to talk to you about it too! Skype would be fantastic then I could see your lovely face! Blessings sister in Christ.

  2. tracye1 says:

    I am hit or miss on Devotionals. When I do come across some, I appreciate the brevity of the piece and the “food for thought” question at the end. Currently, “Momnipotence” by Danielle Bean is what I’m using. Brief. Relevant. Food for thought.
    It’s a personal decision though, like worship….some people are more charismatic, others more private…it’s between you and Jesus and there is no right or wrong…only growing in faith. Blessings!

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