7 QT all over the pliz-ace.



The snow just got here and I’m over it already.  Maybe it’s the end of January tired of winter, stuck at home with lilluns whining, but, seriously, I just want my 85 and sunny back, stat.  The Dowager says “Can’t Anyone do something about this weather?”



My first real go at silicone molds. So cute, and soo smelly, like, had to toss them because I didn’t wash well enough before baking and I don’t want kiddos eating silicone.  Not so yum.  #bakerfail for sure.  Not a total failure cuz I put some in a regular old pan.


3.  IMG_4582


Sourdough can really be a pain in the arse.  I was up late with this dang dough and it’s still proofing, not sure if it’s going to be edible. Wish me luck.  My son says “Oh no! That bread is Stih-ie bread, Mommy.”  yes, yes it is. {you will be super happy to find out that it turned out tangy and yummy despite my best efforts to ruin it.


On a serious note, my husband’s uncle was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig disease in May of last year. He is now in a wheelchair and seeing him in this state just breaks my heart and brought me to tears this morning. I cannot pretend to know God’s plan here, if you would, please say a prayer for this amazing man and #1 Alabama Fan.



I am super grateful today for this little person. ^                   And this one too >>>





The blahbityblah blah Latin numbered Superbowl is upon us! Are you watching? Who are you rooting for? Are you looking forward to or dreading the ads? It’s all #BroncosNation up in here.  Tho- I really need some team colors to prove it.  I really have come to love and adore Peyton’s team.  They are gut wrenching and inspiring.  Amen. Go Broncos!


Day’s almost done.  I think we’re going to go try to make a snowman.  Maybe enjoy the snow a bit with kiddos.  Or, just go to the PlayPlace cuz I gotta get outta this house.

Have a great weekend friends and hope you all stop by Jen’s lovely site for more QT fun.



2 thoughts on “7 QT all over the pliz-ace.

  1. Suzette says:

    Those kiddos are much too cute! You are the link master this week!
    Cheering for Broncos but not all like crazy hardcore. 🙂 Of course we also opted out of a Super Bowl Party because our chilrins are suffering from “aint-no-schedule-in-my-life-so-let’s-never-sleep-and-just-go-batty” and we are determined to put a schedule in motion before baby #3 arrives!

    • They are such a delight- until 5 oclock crazy town taht is. Super glad you’re cheering my team!!! And- you should write a song called Aint no schedule, cuz that’s hilarious. I would have lost it long long ago if I didn’t have a schedule with these two. not that we always stick to it, last night we were up until 845, super latesville for us. And- I’m so excited for your Baby#3! All is well with you and lillun in the tummy I hope.

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