pretty, happy, funny, real #1



Super Tangy Sourdough in slow rise process.  Thanks to my new bff Peter Reinhart, I added a bit more salt and kneaded a little less this go around.  Fingies crossed!



It finally arrived! After a few months of doing my own, albeit messy envelope system, I have graduated to the  Dave Ramsey’s envelope folder.  Gorgeous, nifty and useful. Yay for financial peace!



So, I just saw Cari’s Theme Thursday linkup, BARNS.

And, do you know I live within a stone’s throw of a zillion barns and haven’t taken ANY pictures?  I was just thinking this the other day on a sanity drive I took me and kids on.  They slept, I drove.  Bliss.  So this is my attempt at a non-linkup and not plagiarizing.  Pas mal?



This is what happens the moment I even think blog post.  Uh huh.  Every time.  Gotta love toddler disgruntlement.

Thanks for popping by. Head over to Leila’s awesome blog for more phfr fun.

Hope to be see you ’round these parts soon!


3 thoughts on “pretty, happy, funny, real #1

  1. Ralynne says:

    We need a photo adventure!

  2. Suzette says:

    Congrats on the debt free system!
    We are still using paper envelopes – actually the ones for our bills since we pay most online, haha. Cheap-o right here.
    Do y’all follow his system exactly or a modified version?
    Some friends invited us to do Financial Peace University with them in a week or two here, but we haven’t decided! Have you taken it?

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