Messages from God come in the darndest ways.

I got a Jury Duty summons yesterday for the first time in my life.

First, let’s get this straight; I would really like to serve on a jury, I think I would be a fair juror. At least I would try to be.

That said, (going to rant a bit here, cuz it’s my blog and that ‘s what I wanna do right now) clearly the state of Colorado holds no respect for anyone and certainly not us Stay at Home Mothers. 

They expect that we will just deal with whatever it is we need to do with our Children during the course of the jury duty and Not get paid for the first 3 days unless you apply for a possible reimbursement- for the babysitting/daycare. Um, who do they expect will do everything I do and at no charge? And then it’s $50 after 3 days. Let’s be real Colorado, babysitting or a daycare would be a lot more than $50/day for 2 kids.

So, in Colorado you are not exempt for economic, work or pretty much any reason other than being a citizen of another country or being in full charge of a disabled person. And, as a Stay at Home Mother I am considered Unemployed. Ha! Dear State of Colorado; I realize that Stay at Home Mothers are of Zero “value” to you and what a sad that state this is, but,I am Not Unemployed.

 My husband and I have made a clear lifestyle choice by my staying at home to raise our children. (And yes, they really do get out of their pjs from time to time).



 There are sacrifices, hard ones and they are all worth it to be able to give my time to my children and our family in a way that we think is best.

Come to think of it, this is really funny.  Because recently I’ve been feeling quite down and like I just don’t know how “worth it” it all is; the caring, the breastfeeding, the looking after, the reading, the crafting, the baking, the feeding, cleaning, diapering, cooking, the napping. All. Of. It.  

And come to think of it, it seems like this is the literal message God has put in my life to remind me that I Matter. Full Stop. I matter to God, to each and every one of my family, to myself and even to my community.  I would really like to sit on a jury.  It would be interesting.  But my responsibilities at home far outweigh my civic ones today.

 I am kind of plagued with what-ifs

A. I don’t have anyone who could watch our kids all day, and big guy is in school. 

B.  We just don’t have the extra income right now to pay a babysitter.

C.What if they get sick? 

D. What if it’s longer than a day?

E. I can’t have husband taking off work so that I can go to jury duty!  

Life on one income takes a lot of turns doesn’t it?

So- I can request a Postponement if I want to.  I’m really not sure what to do.  This morning I was so sure I was going to request a postponement, and my husband brought up a great point, what if they just call me back next month?  Then what? 

For now I’m going to go with some prayer and hope for some more clarity.  I mean I guess there is the chance that I wouldn’t even get chosen, right?  

Welcoming comments and experience on this one.  Cheers.


2 thoughts on “Messages from God come in the darndest ways.

  1. Johnna says:

    I just received one as well. I had gotten one about a week after Evelynn was born so I called to postpone since I am breastfeeding, and I’ve already gotten a new one. So I’ll be calling again since (obviously) I’m still breastfeeding. It’s very frustrating. They do NOT allow for time to pump (I was breastfeeding my ODD and had to sit on a trial) and I had a very difficult time getting my supply built back up again after 3 consecutive days without nursing/pumping.

    • Thanks for the reply Johnna! This was one of our major questions, too. I am still bfing lo, I can pump, but if it’s an all day for several days kind of thing and they don’t allow pumping, I’m going with the disqualified or postponement for Health reasons. Thank you, this is helping me think through this better. And glad to hear you’re still bfing. Hope work is a smooth transition for you.

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