Oh, BBC, you’re Killin’ us; some predictions…And a Downton Poll!

So, I’m STILL waiting for Sherlock to start.  I mean, it’s 12 days away now instead of like 50, BUT STILL.

Husband started to read the Sherlock novels, I’m just shocked that it was like 100 years ago he wrote these.  Can’t wait for the 19th!!!

And, here’s your chance to LOOK AWAY dear Downton Abbey watching friends, cuz spoilers may abound up in here while I go

off the prediction deep end.

Fun set shot for your looking away time….  dah dah dah dah, lalalalala… (Downton theme song in background)


Okay, by now we have been totally cued for Major tragedy.  So of course the question remains; Who’s gonna die this season???

I say in episode 2 of Season 5 someone is going to go.  The Dowager?  LADY Grantham??? No matter who it is, I sure wish they would let us know we’re going to need a Giant tissue box.

And, no, I personally am not afraid of Tom and Lady Mary having an affair Because, dear friends, I feel they would never betray the memory of their most beloved Sybil.  And- don’t get me wrong.  I’m not Julian Fellowes, nor do I have an In to his brain.  So, these are just musings.

My Mom made a short visit to Ireland early on this winter and said that they were already in the middle of the season and she actually watched a couple of episodes.  I told her she was crazy for it, but I don’t know if I would have been able to ignore it either. She didn’t tell me what was going on, but from the sound of it, I wasn’t going to like it.   Grrrr.  When will this show every stop trying to break our hearts!?  Never, I say.  Mr. Fellowes must just like ripping our little happy worlds to pieces.  And, he Says he like Edith, but I believe he is lying.  That’s right, I said it.

Poor Edith.  I think this crazy journalist doe-eyed ginger guy is going to get his heart broken, along with hers, Again.  He’s going to become a GERMAN for goodness’ sake, Move to GERMANY and then, she’s just not going to be able to go for some reason we cannot possibly foresee.

OH, can I just say, how totally happy I am this season, because my loving husband is Watching Downton Abbey with me!!!  Last year we were apart for a Air Force training he was doing down in the bowels of Texas.  Not so this year.  We were chatting it up catching him up as baby girl slept through 99% of Episode 1 for me.  Yay be to the world for some evening together time.

I’d like to propose a vote, so,here goes [I’m totally scared to put up polls because I don’t want to see how many don’t read, but I’m gonna anyways, cuz this is my little blog, yo.]

See you on the flip side, and possibly more often.  Peace, y’all!


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