Ree’s Wonderful and Amazing Cornbread Stuffing!

Happiest of Happy Thanksgivings everyone!

I just love, always have and always will this holiday about being thankful.  I’m so excited this year to be settled – enough- to host Thanksgiving for my family, my Mom and some friends in our little town in North East Colorado. 

I can’t believe it’s taken 42 years to make a turkey.  And, for someone who absolutely loves to cook, I am really really excited.  Ive been cooking for 2 days and researching for 2 weeks.  Finally got my bird method down yesterday.  I’m doing a mix of Alton Brown’s recommendation- NO Basting!- what?  And Bobby Flay’s herb butter roasted.  Herbs, they are my life.  Well, I wish they were, but that God put ’em on this green Earth, I’m pretty happy.

So, to Pioneer Woman Thanksgiving Stuffing


Oh, Lord, thank you for making Ree and for giving her all the amazing gifts she has and shares with all of us.  🙂 

I actually started with making my own French Bread!  I never even thought a person could Make French Bread. Thank you to B and C for this super easy recipe! I thought it was like some carefully gaurded secret only given to grocery store bakers and patiseries.  Silly?  Maybe, but I just didn’t.

ImageSo this recipe yielded 3 gorgeous loaves of bread for me.  I was going to give one away after the stuffing and eating one , but my 3 year old begged to eat the other one.  And I quote, “Mom, that one is for me, it’s not for anybody”.  Okay, then, I shall make more next week for “anybody”. 

Then I made Ree’s awesome Skillet Cornbread, and added a few serrano pepper pieces,(them peppers is Hot!) for a hint of Mexican flava’.  Cuz I like to be spicy and Mexi like that.  Plus, I’m going for a hint of my Mexican roots in this Thanksgiving meal.  Did I totally buy the pre-cut bag of Serrano Peppers when I saw them, yes, yes I did.

So here’s the combo of french bread chunks and cornbread chunks, all crispy and ready to go. I had to put them in the oven after they were all chopped  for the dryness to occur at like 175 for a few hours.  Image

My husband said I was a super hero for making the bread and cornbread for the stuffing.  So, that made me feel pretty awesome. 

And Then… I got to make the most Wonderful and Amazing broth I have ever tasted.  It’s so simple, and so darned yummtastic, I could just fall over. 

Herbs, herbs and herbs.  I don’t have any pretty shots of them or cutting  of them but, I used fresh thyme, sage, rosemary and lots of parsley. I didn’t worry about the basil in the recipe, just winged it with what I already bought for the other recipes. And, wow, do fresh herbs just make my heart sing, like The Sound of Music?  Yes they do.  And, here my friends is the glory that chicken stock, onions, celery, buttah and herbs can get ya:

ImageIt may not look like much, but I’m pretty sure it’s the elixer of life.  I decided to be generous and keep it for the stuffing, but I really just wanted to drink up the whole lot of it. I put it in this handy dandy mason jar to keep happy and safe until the moment of deliciousness when all gets mixed today with the croutons to bake to smelerific delight.  So, that’s my contribution.  I hope you try it, and thanks again to Cari for this fun inspiring link up and again to Miss Ree for bein’ you!

I hope you all have a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving Day.  Thank you so much to Jesus Christ for the miracle of my family and the Eucharist, our true food. 

Now I get to go turkey cooking.  Wish me luck!  St. Martha and all  you holy men and women, pray for us!

Love, Vic.


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