Happy not Friday, Family Photos and Alabama Football.

7 quick takes sm1 Your 7 Quick Takes Toolkit!First let me just say how excited I am to actually get my #7QT post up!  My wonderful Mother` gave us an early Christmas gift in her laptop.  So, here I am. Thanks Mom!

1.  Friday is technically our Thursday and since becoming parents, there’s really no Happy Hour going on at chez Falls apart from the possible play before dinner or odd Sofia episode. I think I like Sofia as much as my son does.

2. Tomorrow, however, is the biggest game of the College Football season for us SEC folks;  Alabama vs. LSU.

I married an Alabama Man.  And, somehow, I got the bug, the absolute love of this great game of football and love for sport.  I’ve always been a sporto girl, but now it’s fun being a fan too.  And boy, do we LOVE to beat the stripes off of some Tigers.  #RollTide  I think I’ll make Frito Pie and Monkey Bread to celebrate.

3.  My sweet and generous friend Raylynne over at Life in Grace Photography offered to take family photos of us for her site, and of course our answer was like, Totally!    Here’s a few.



6.  Speaking of not Friday, do any of you love, like LOVE ABCMouse.com???  Our 3 yr old is loving it and seems to get so much learning in.  It is pretty tough to get him to leave the site, so we’re figuring that one out as we go… Always the redirect with Preschoolers.

7.  I’m just gonna say it, we’re already prepping for Thanksgiving and Advent that are coming quick at the tale end of this month.  With a budget we must stick to, it’s helping me become Planner Mom like I never knew I could be.  Which, as it turns out is easing a Lot of stress.  So, I hope you all enjoy your weekends, with or without football.  Hope to be back soon.

Thanks Jen for being such a lovely hostess!


6 thoughts on “Happy not Friday, Family Photos and Alabama Football.

  1. Suzette says:

    Oh Victoria the family photos are amazing! So sweet.
    We will be watching the game! We are NOT Saban fans but my husband also isn’t much of an LSU fan. So we don’t know who to root for! Ha!
    Hoping that you are well.
    Budget (cringes a little and closes eyes)…have to update it this weekend (takes the husband watching the kids!). I still haven’t learned that whole “freedom following the budget” after four years! I mean… anyway…
    Ok! Let’s end on a happy note – thanks for the heads-up on Advent!!!

    • Love the Not Saban fans. That cracked me up. I gotta say, if he leaves for Texas, I’ll be devastated along with the rest of the Crimson Tide. Devastated I tell ya. But, just cuz you love me, and I hope you do, you should root for the Tide. 🙂 I think we decided on football cookies instead, and by we I mean my 3 year old son who got the cutest glimmer in his eye when I told him that tomorrow is Alabama “hootball” day. thanks for the sweet comments Suzette. and hope the house selling is going well!

      • Suzette says:

        Saban: haha!

        Had to root for my home state – like that was ever a question…ok…it was…but like for four hours. 😉
        Oh “hootball” = precious!!!!
        House selling is slow – guess that’s to be expected. Like, who buys houses in November?!!!
        But thanks for good thoughts!
        Our girl requested chocolate cookies today…hoping chocolate pudding pie fills that request close enough. 🙂
        Ok! Lunch must be made!

      • I totally get the rooting for home state. Less tears now. But, do you guys dislike Coach Saban because he defected? Okay, night!

  2. tracye1 says:

    We will be watching some football around here, too….Being FSU fans, it’s tricky…but I think we shall root for ‘Bama….but NOT when we play each other…just to make that clear! 😉

    BEAUTIFUL pictures, wow!!! Speaking of which, we need to get ON that for Christmas cards!

  3. Thanks Tracye! Yay for more football fan ladies! Ill give the rooting favor back sometime for sure. We don’t play each other this year, do we? Can’t believe the season’s almost over. Love the SEC. Our friend did such a great job on our photos, she’s just amazing. So glad I have a friend in our new small town. Not the easiest thing, to be a city girl in a small town. Making cookies for kiddos (and husband ) today. Happy football Saturday!

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