God gave us solutions.


This moment is truly in thanks to God. Today I was looking at my little gorgeous pie when I was filling out dates and putting stickers onto my new Creighton
Model chart, and realized that before we started our CM charting and classes, we really didn’t know if another baby was possible.

I’ll let you do the fine research, but it’s female cycle tracking. Every day.

I was 39(!) and so afraid that our beautiful son was the only baby I would be able to have.

My husband and I had already lost two babies to miscarriage. This was hard, I didn’t know if I could face the possibility of another loss. I also had so much self blame for losing both babies, one before and one right after our oldest. 15 years ago I had an abortion. I thought that maybe God was punishing me for my first precious child. I knew that wasn’t true, but you think things when you’re mourning.

I first heard of CM when I became Catholic almost 4 years ago. I still cannot believe this knowledge isn’t more mainstream. I would think the granola folks and organic lovers of all things would be hip to Creighton by now. Ntm so many babies can be born! Yay!

So I did the research about the Pope Paul VI Institute and Napro  Technology. Super cool stuff. Then  endeavored to find a CM teacher in our area. Done. She made the lessons affordable on our dad-in-school budget and so our charting and learning began.

I was blessed and discovered/guessed that my progesterone was the probable culprit of our spontaneous miscarriages. My doc was not familiar with Creighton, but had heard of it and was *gasp* anxious to learn about it. Dr. Lila. She’s the shizdizzle of family docs. Tests ordered, blood drawn, yup, sure enough, low progesterone. That means the placenta won’t be able to do it’s proper job in 1st tri, it needs help getting there. 

The very day we put me on the P pills I found out we were pregnant. Perfect timing. One of the happiest days of my life.

Creighton Model is designed from a specifically Catholic world view and may not be for everyone. It worked for us and continues to work for us. My cycle has everything to do with my husband. Family planning is a joint effort in our marriage not to be glossed over and forgotten with abort efficient contraceptives.

I am so thankful for our daughter and for finding Creighton.


These little socks don’t even fit anymore.

If the links don’t show up, mea culpa, I’ll get’s em soon.

Love y’all! Victoria.


2 thoughts on “God gave us solutions.

  1. Victoria! Why am I JUST finding this great amazing blog? Oh my gosh. Girl, I mean this. I have marched for you and prayed for you at the March for Life in my pre-marriage days. I have wept for you. I, obviously, didn’t know of you but while marching I ached and mourned for post abortive women. I don’t even mean i know an ounce of your pain. But my heart has been moved for you, beginning nearly eight years ago. So thanks for sharing. And congrats on the bebe! Just had our 2nd blessing July of 2012.

  2. tracye1 says:

    Found you through Twitter via #pray2lose. Congrats on your baby girl, the blessing of her Baptism (and successful cooperation on baby girl’s part!). Blessings to you and your family this Lent.

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