Catholic Nomadding- (yes, it’s a word)

So, our family is about 51/2 months into this accidentally on purpose nomad thing. Probably a more appropriate handle would be the Catholic Nomad… but have not changed it for fear that That would be the thing that sticks.  We have; Thank the Lord; landed back home in Colorado, and staying at my wonderful Mom’s casa until husband gets hired. somewhere.  THEN, my wonderful and just-had-a-birthday hubs is off, in an away kind of off, in January for, count them, 3 months for his Air Force Reserves school date.  Yes, we have an actual, in writing, confirmed school date.  For which he must depart for San Antonio.  Ugh.  It will be so good though, he will have his proper rank and be all official in his job with the AFR, which will be super really good, and it will bring some much needed dinero to our family.  Major sacrifice for majorly needed finance situation.  Plus, I’ll be glad to see him get paid well for all his hard work and effort he makes for us every day.  So- major prayer request inserted:  for a job that will allow him to come back to when he returns from school.

Nomadding; is it a word?  If it isn’t I just made it up.  Sadly, I have wanted to take many pictures of all the churches we have attended in the last 6ish months and have not.  That woulda been cool.  Alas- life with toddler and new baby proves to be too much for my brain to even think “take a picture of the alter right now, Vic, while you have a free hand.”  I should set a post-mass reminder or something.  In place of said missing pics of tabernacles, I will just remember them here for you:

1.  St. Ignatius of Loyola in Spring, Texas.  A GIANT, about 5500 or something member parish.  Lavish in it’s space, heighth, and bredth.  They have a great, if mosquito-ey playground we would go to sometimes to let the toddler stretch his legs in the Houston heat. Also a wonderfully diverse parish with lots of Vietnamese, for some reason the Vietnamese community has settled up in north Houston; i.e. tons of yum yummy Pho restaurants! The tabernacle is off to the side in a small chapel that can be seen from the main church.  For some reason, and I think there is one, I prefer Jesus to be front and center of the main parish for easy access.

2. Prince of Peace  in north Houston.  Cto 5000 members.  A just beautiful campus; palms and flowers and gardens and they have a preschool and everything.  We really liked the priest here.  I would stop there if I was driving around waiting for to pick up hubs from work to nurse and stoll around for a bit.  This place had an amazing food pantry and financial donations and Gabrial House Projects.  Wow, they really really helped us out in our moment of need and they serve and amazing population in the N. Houston area.  I even had my own Angel praying for the birth of our daughter and they gave us some wonderful baby clothes, even a prayer blanket for her.  So sweet, holy and generous this parish.

3. St. Patrick on Galveston Island, Tx. I usually went to the Saturday vigil mass because I was down there visiting Jeff’s Mom, and she would take care of the toddler so baby and I could make it to la misa.  Always a packed house.  The Archdiocese of Galveston/Houston has sorted the island’s post-Ike hurricane parish issues it is coming clear after I just went to the link. Amazing.

4. St. Thomas Aquinas in Boulder:  still feels like our home parish.  St. Thom’s and it’s priests serves the Univ. of Colorado, and our favorite priest Fr. Peter Mussett is the Pastor here and porochial vicar Fr. John is totally awesome;  he does Catholic Stuff you should Know podcast- totally recommend  Dude, they have their work cut out for them, please pray for our beloved priests! My husband and I came into the Catholic Church here 3 years ago And it’s where I had my conversion.  It’s a really holy place.

5. The Denver Cathedral Our beautiful Cathedral, tho in need of lots of repair, always feels like home to me.  I grew up in Denver and remember the first time I went into the Cathedral before I was a Catholic.  Just beautiful and spiritually inspiring place for me and many.

6. St. Pious X Aurora, Colorado   before we went to Texas we went to this little parish on the East side of Denver a couple of weeks.

7.  Asension Aurora, Colorado.  A very poor parish in the heart of Montbello.  We went to the Spanish Sun. evening mass, big toddler mistake. Packed house and I actually understood some of the homily.  We just say the prayers in English.  I always feel like the white Mexican in a church full of Mexicans and other Spanish speakers.

8.  I forget what 8 was for.

Phew! Is that IT???  What a list.  I feel really sad now that I didn’t get images from them all. But, hopefully, you get the idea.

Peace and Happy Thanksgiving.


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