Back in the saddle-


I kinda posted this cute old pic of my son because of some response to Jen Fulwiler’s article on NCRegister today. 😉  Yes, I post cute kid pics when I want to.

Here we are, pregnant with our 2nd miracle and we have to move for the 2nd time.  I should be grateful that we don’t have to move a third before my due date.  I don’t want to throw a big pity party so I’m forcing myself to look at the bright side of our move. 

1.  We won’t be living under the oppression of the university family housing system any more.

2. We can live somewhere that rent isn’t my husband’s Entire paycheck.

3. I guess that’s it for right now. 

But pregnancy with a toddler is no joke and neither is the level of craze I’ve been feeling at the onset of moving to goodness knows where.  So, hormones flying and life coming faster than a rocket ship at me makes me want to run and hide on the nearest white sandy beach with a margarita close at hand.  *sigh*.  Alas, no sandy beaches to be had in the middle of Colorado and no margs for mama until after baby is born. 

If you have any suggestions for sanity breaks let me know, I could use them- that preferrably don’t involve shopping. I think I’m allergic.  Sometimes the dishes just encroach on my brain space and creativity.   Have a great day guys and thanks for reading after such a long hiatus.  Now that we’re clearing the end of the 2nd trimester I think I’m ready to write again. 




2 thoughts on “Back in the saddle-

  1. Tim Higgins says:

    Victoria I enjoy reading you facebook comments. Your son is very cute. I’ve taking care of my 21/2 year old grandson. A very enjoyable experience. I’ll try to touch base with you and Jeff when I get to Denver. I’ve started on the path to becoming a catholic.

    Tim, your old landlord

  2. Hey girl. Me, again. 🙂 Hello!! Cutest pic EVER! Mine are 18 (short) months apart. It finally felt less totally ludicrous when the baby hit three months.

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