Advent is hard~

While advent is almost over, I have to say, that the lead-up and actual advent are almost more difficult than Lent for me.  First of all, I really want to Want to give up something.  We have a toddler now, so giving up tv would, in my opinion make things insane, more than they have been. So I decided to give up alcohol.  That was a little difficult in the beginning because my husband and I really like to enjoy some nightime peace after baby is down with a glass of wine or a yummy beer of choice.  That, however, wasn’t to be long-lived, the difficulty of giving it up that is.  I stopped wanti a drink pretty early on.  Suddenly, I realized that it was possible that we were pregnant!  After a quick trip to Target for the early test, we got home and I had my husband look at the result – there were 2 lines!  We’re officially pregnant again.  Yeah – joy and relief.    But, what does this have to do with advent?

It’s been a perfect coupling with Advent season to prepare our hearts for the coming of our Savior, and to prepare our hearts for a new little one.  We have hoped and prayed for this, and I have almost thought it impossible with some of the bio-markers (pardon the Creighton Model language) going on for the last few months.  We were really surprised because we thought we’d have to wait at least another month.  But it turns out that God can do whatever he wants and has indeed heard our prayers for another child.  It turns out He was really looking after us when I found my PCP and finally got connected to our Creighton OB.  Thank you, Lord for your love, devotion and mercy.

World isn’t quite turned upside down yet.  I’ve had some dizziness, but no nausea, yet.  If you can,  please pray for us.  I am trying harder than ever to remember redemptive suffering.  I pray all the time that my suffering can be for the health and well-being of our new baby.  Thankful, too, to Our Lady of Guadalupe for being my patron saint and protecting us in her womb.  I didn’t really know to do this before, but it’s been a very helpful tool in times of need.

Physical preparation has been just as important right now as the spiritual and mental.  We have had two miscarriages.  One directly prior and after our son was born.  Our children in heaven are surely looking down on us and praying for their little brother or sister now.

Sorry to end abruptly, but baby is hungry.  I hope you have had a peaceful Advent and have a Merry Christmas.  From the Falls family.


One thought on “Advent is hard~

  1. Okay, I’m going to guess you’re due late August. I have an 8/24 baby and we found out about him during Advent 🙂

    We also suffered a miscarriage immediately prior to conceiving this baby, so I know just the joy you felt! So happy for you!

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