Contests Rule.

I like, Okay, LOVE Chocolate.  There, I got it off of my chest.

I am really very juvenile, but I just love entering contests.  I think about winning from the moment I enter until they announce that it’s probably not me- until recently.

Last year my husband and I decided to buy some of the lottery tickets for our parish bizarre.  We bought all 100 of our own, because we knew we were too lazy to sell them to anyone and figured there was a snowball’s chance on a hot Houston day that we would win anything given the giant parish we belonged to at the time.  So I got a call a couple of weeks later saying that we had won the 2nd prize; get this;  a $5000 furniture store shopping spree at (and I’m gonna plug ’em cuz they are so wonderful and gave us literally 5000 bucks of gorgeous furniture) Hilton Furniture of Houston, Texas.  We were so shocked we didn’t really even know what to do.  The beautiful pieces- an entire household for us – we picked out arrived perfectly last Christmas Eve.  Thank You, Lord Jesus!  You have no idea.  We had just moved and our baby would be 6 mos.  Amazing timing, Lord, if I do say so.

This is us, not the best shot, I know, Christmas 2010 w. brand new furniture.  Happy Falls family.

So recently, I decided to enter into or, more accurately, @LisaHendey (s) contest for her new book A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms among many other fine things.  I thought, well, Lisa has loads of followers, but I’ll give it a try anywho.  I have tried maybe a dozen times now to win something on Pioneer Woman’s blog, whom I love, but it’s such a narrow shot when there are anywhere from 10 – 50 Thousand entries!  So, anyway, I have read A Handbook for Catholic Moms and loved it, even read it with my Mommy’s group at the parish in Texas.  We got lots out of reading this book together.  So much that at our new parish and in my new Mom’s group I’ve suggested reading it again.

So, You can’t win if you don’t enter is one thing I’ve learned.  But most of all, I’ve discovered that God really knows your needs.  Winning Lisa’s Noteworthy contest made me feel loved and included in the Catholic Mom world I’ve been in search of.  So, I’m dedicating this post to Lisa Hendey, thank you, Lisa for being a great woman, mother, author and someone the rest of us can really strive to be like!

Go out and buy her books, y’all from her website or amazon or whatever.  You won’t regret it.



One thought on “Contests Rule.

  1. Lisa Hendey says:

    Wow, Victoria, I’m a winner for getting to know you and your adorable family!! Hopefully I will get to Boulder some time soon to give you a huge, spicy “thank you” hug in person — but until then, I’m sending warm thoughts and smiles of thanksgiving your way!

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