~Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe~

Three years ago when I was considering who my patron saint would be;  that is your personal intercessor and advocate in heaven, the first person I thought of was Our Lady of Guadalupe.  I thought this might be a little hasty, so I waited and waited for some other saint to pop up in my heart and mind, but Our Lady kept on with her persistence, just as she did with Saint Juan Diego.

I remember feeling a very sweet fondness for her even the first time I looked  upon her beauty and, thanks be to God, she never let me go, not for a single minute.  She always, in the depth of my sin kept pursuing me for her son, Christ Jesus.  For, even in the sad time in my life when I could not mention His holy name without spite, I could gaze upon her in love, knowing that she loved me unconditionally.

I am blessed to have come to know that that was always true of Jesus, too.

Nuestra Senora, Te Amo.



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